It’s fucking freezing there!!! That’s pretty much my one and only complaint about Sundance.

And the thing I love most about it; The people at Utah, Park City are simply the most friendliest people I ever met. They are the ones that truly warm me up.

Overall I would say the experience has been overwhelming and the audiences are very vocal and direct about what they watch. When the show is screening, they don’t text on their hand phones, they don’t talk and they don’t even bring food into the cinema. Absolutely attentive and simply lovely.



WET SEASON premiered at Sundance 09 at the Egyptian Theater in Main Street, Park City.  The theater is almost packed and the response has been very good so far. I am so glad that two Singaporeans who are staying around the area actually approached me after the screening and gave me their thanks and encouragement. It feels great knowing that your not alone after all.



Met a number of celebs during Sundance but never really get the chance to chat with them. I was too shy. Ha!

I was really moved by the speech Robert Redford gave to the film makers during the director’s brunch. “The times have always been bad, they have have never been worse. They have always been the same and they have always been good as well.”



This is Ewan Mcgregor at the top and Jim Carrey at the Sundance premiere of their gay film ” I Love You, Philip Morris “. A really funny and lovely movie. Keep a look out for it when it arrives.


According to the press, this year’s Sundance is more scaled down due to the recession but tickets are still selling fast, the queues are still long and theaters are still packed.


A great year for Sundance. I hope to come back next year. But till then, I gotta get back to my post production.


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  1. Many of folks blog about this subject but you said some true words.

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