Hello Everyone,

I am Michael Tay and this is my first blog. I am not usually into writing about myself and letting the whole world know how screw up I am. However, this is not a space I am dedicating to myself but rather to my works. This is a space to my short films and to the observation of things I see around me and in the theaters.

After a number of screenings from my latest short film, I have people coming to me asking about my next project and also the issues I explore in my works. This is the place I hope I can reach out to them and have the exchange.

I also wish for this to become a channel for me to reach out to more film makers where we can share and exchange experiences with. And I really wish that in time to come, my sidebar will get so filled that I had to open new pages or even sites to document my work.

I went into film making hoping there won’t be a day that I would run out of new works to show. Hence, this blog space will hopefully never remain the same for too long.

God Bless,

Michael Tay


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