Duration: Approx. 8 mins

Language: Chinese and English (with English Subtitles)

Starring: Annette Heittman, Cheah Wong Sow, Diyannah Baharudin and Zhou Xuanming

Written and Directed by: Michael Tay

Date of Release: Mid 2006


Inspired by a true incident that nearly forced Michael Tay’s mother to give him away when he was at the age of three. “Cold Talk” is about a single mother whom after giving away her son, tries to reunite with him again.


First Take, “Moving Images” program, Substation Theatre, Singapore, 2007 – Premiere Screening

FOCAL, NTU Short Film Festival, Singapore, 2007 – Selected For Screening

Film Stills:

Director’s Notes:

Working with unprofessional actors, natural lighting, no tripod and a crew of only 2 men. This piece almost felt like dogma film-making but I wasn’t trying to make a dogma film. It never bothered me that some shots are not beautifully lit or composed because I was hoping to achieve a kind of realism that looks raw and natural. A lecturer of mine in film school totally hated the way I treated this material but I still challenged his perspective by showing it the way I wanted. Some people who watched it actually enjoy the shock value of it. (eg. The scene with the knife.) But ultimately, I am most satisfied with the resolution that becomes clear to everyone in the end.


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