Duration: Approx. 4mins

Language: Chinese (with English Subtitles)

Directed By: Lincoln Chia

Cinematographer, Compositor and Editor: Michael Tay

Date of Release: August 2008

Synopsis: A traditional Chinese opera fight scene that is staged and shot entirely on a green backdrop. The scene dramatizes the classic confrontation between legendary Song Dynasty heroine, Mu Gui Ying, and her nemesis General Xiao Tian Zhuo.

This piece features a beautifully rendered CGI background and showcases sophisticated special effects seldom seen in local short films.

Awards/ Festivals:

Best of Film Category at the Crowbar Awards 2008, Singapore

Gold Award Winner for the Experimental Category at Crowbar Awards 2008, Singapore

4th InDPanda International Short Film Festival 2008, Hong Kong – Selected for Screening

Film Stills:

Working with Lincoln Chia:

As many of you would have noticed, this is probably the first work I document which didn’t have me in the director’s chair. But nevertheless, it is still a challenge for me to work on this piece which packs an ambitious idea that is conceived by Lincoln.

It came as a surprise to me one day when Lincoln approached me with the idea of shooting a Chinese opera entirely on a green backdrop. Even more surprising to hear it coming from someone known for his recent SIFF nominated documentary, Love Me Love My Dogs, which is more like a tribute to realism.

I was seduced by the idea of showing a traditional Chinese opera differently and taking it beyond the confines of the stage. Taking the knowledge and experience I have from working on “Wet Season”, I decided to take the challenge and help him realize his vision of the piece on screen.

We definitely have our creative differences while working on it but I was glad we had enough time to work it out and plan. We spent nights drawing out story boards and laying out plans on how the scene is going to be. We plan for close to three weeks, with two days of rehearsal with the opera troupe and only one day to shoot. Everything went according to plan but the post production took almost three months.

I am glad our effort finally pays off during the recent Crowbar Awards 2008. I hope with it’s recent success. This piece will continue to inspire us to take our craft to greater heights.


2 Responses to “MU GUI YING 穆 桂 英”

  1. great picture of mu gui ying. it helped me with our project of mu gui ying.

  2. メンズ水着 + y

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