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This is amazing. Just when I thought things are running cold for this work that has been traveling the festivals for more than a year already, I receive great news again that it recently won the Linda Mabalot New Directors/ New Visions Award at the 25th Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, 2009.

Once again I would like to thank the Jury for this honour. This is my first award from a non-asian country and I am glad to hear that people else where are enjoying “Wet Season” as much as they do in Singapore. Thank you all once again for this.

Read about the awards and the festival from here.

Awards Won by “WET SEASON” to date:

25th Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, 2009 –  Linda Mabalot New Directors/New Visions Award

12th Ismailia International Film Festival for Documentary & Short Films, 2008, Egypt – Best Film Prize in the Competition of Experimental Films.

3rd Jogja NETPAC Asian Film Festival, 2008, Indonesia – Best Short Film

21st Singapore International Film Festival, 2008, Singapore – Special Jury Prize



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Okay! Okay! Ever since Wet Season, I kept getting a lot of people coming to me and asking about my next short film.

So now here is a sneak peak at my latest work, “Respirator”.

PS: Try watching this trailer on HD by clicking the HD icon at the lower screen of the video. The normal quality just sucks.


“To save her 7 year old son from dying of a rare heart disease, a single mother undergoes a bizarre operation but recovers only to realize the terrifying consequences.”

From the look of things you guys can probably guess that this is very different from my previous works. It is also my longest short film to date. (Running at 19 mins)

Will be sending it out to festivals and will update you guys when it is screening. So keep a look out for it.



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It’s fucking freezing there!!! That’s pretty much my one and only complaint about Sundance.

And the thing I love most about it; The people at Utah, Park City are simply the most friendliest people I ever met. They are the ones that truly warm me up.

Overall I would say the experience has been overwhelming and the audiences are very vocal and direct about what they watch. When the show is screening, they don’t text on their hand phones, they don’t talk and they don’t even bring food into the cinema. Absolutely attentive and simply lovely.



WET SEASON premiered at Sundance 09 at the Egyptian Theater in Main Street, Park City.  The theater is almost packed and the response has been very good so far. I am so glad that two Singaporeans who are staying around the area actually approached me after the screening and gave me their thanks and encouragement. It feels great knowing that your not alone after all.



Met a number of celebs during Sundance but never really get the chance to chat with them. I was too shy. Ha!

I was really moved by the speech Robert Redford gave to the film makers during the director’s brunch. “The times have always been bad, they have have never been worse. They have always been the same and they have always been good as well.”



This is Ewan Mcgregor at the top and Jim Carrey at the Sundance premiere of their gay film ” I Love You, Philip Morris “. A really funny and lovely movie. Keep a look out for it when it arrives.


According to the press, this year’s Sundance is more scaled down due to the recession but tickets are still selling fast, the queues are still long and theaters are still packed.


A great year for Sundance. I hope to come back next year. But till then, I gotta get back to my post production.


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It is a great privilege and honor to be included in the DVD anthology Singapore Shorts Vol. 2.

It has been 3 years since the Asian Film Archive first released the Singapore Shorts DVD. This time with volume 2, the short films are selected with stories that revolve around the theme of family.

Notable Singaporean film maker’s like Boo Junfeng, Loo Zihan, K. Rajagopal and Brian Gothong Tan are also featured in this anthology.

For more info on the DVD and how to purchase it, please go to the official website:


The DVD is now available in HMV, Books Kinokuniya and Citylink HMV.


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A third win for “Wet Season” for the Best Film Prize in the Competition of Experimental Films at the 12th Ismailia Film Festival for Documentary and Short Films, Egypt, 2008.

I would like to thank the judges as well as audiences worldwide who have seen and enjoyed “Wet Season”. I thank you all for the support, the encouragement and I hope my works will continue to speak to your hearts and minds.

Thank you all for making this year a great one for me:)

Michael Tay


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I recently received news from abroad that Wet Season won the Best Short Film award (Blencong Award) at the 3rd JOGJA NETPAC ASIAN FILM FESTIVAL 2008, Indonesia.

Many thanks to Philip Cheah who recommended my work for the festival and also the judges and programmers of the festival for giving me this award.


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For the past 6 days, I was away in Hong Kong to attend the screening of my short film, Wet Season, as well as Lincoln Chia’s Mu Gui Ying at the 4th InDPanda International Short Film Festival.

After surviving flights of stairs at train stations, the incessant shopping crowd, topless construction workers and a Mong Kok fire, I must say it is overall a very enjoyable trip and I never had so much pork in my life.

Lincoln and I would like to give our big thanks to the organizers of the festival, Jonathan Hung and Henry Chan, for being such great hosts to us during our stay. Sorry for keeping you guys up till so late and we really appreciate the extra efforts you guys take to make us feel comfortable with our trip. You guys are amazing. Your passion and dedication to film has been very inspiring and we hope to catch up with you two soon. All the best with the next InDPanda festival !!!

We would also like to extend our thanks to their little helper, Eric Law, as well for bringing us around and sharing with us so much about Hong Kong. You are once again further proof that Hong Kong people will always look more younger than Singaporeans.

From Left: Lincoln Chia, Eric Law, Me, Jonathan Hung and Henry Chan. Once again, I thank the “Bear” family for their hospitality.

On the plane with Lincoln Chia. If we are the mafia, I am sure no one will take us seriously.

Attending the 4th InDPanda International Short Film Festival, Hong Kong.

Hong Kong audiences are actually very intelligent and they give some really constructive feedback. They are also very friendly and honest with their opinion.

Hong Kong Streets. Night and Day. You can never avoid pictures taken of it when you are here.

These collagen masks are cheap and I am a sucker when it comes to big discounts. The unnatural rate of good-looking HK people also puts some pressure on us to start our anti-aging maintenance NOW. So don’t blame me for being vain.

Left: San Miguel beer is especially popular and cheap here in Hong Kong. The can ones are more gasy but the bottled ones are the best.

Right: And erm….yes as you can see. I brought home a friend. For those who are fans of the comic book, Dragonball, you can easily guess that this is my favourite character. The Majin Buu. So evil… Yet so adorable…

Ok, it worries me now that we probably share the same smile.