Duration: 19mins.

Language: Mandarin and English (with English Subtitles)

Starring: Winne Lau, Leon Yong, Chaar Chun Hou, Rose Hasumi Lui and Regan Loo

Written and Directed by: Michael Tay

Date of release: 12 October 2009


To save her 7 year old son from dying of a rare heart disease, a single mother undergoes a bizarre operation but recovers only to realize the terrifying consequences that come along with it.

Watch it here:


Official Selection for Panorama shorts, 23rd Singapore International Film Festival, 2010

Official Selection 14th Pusan International Film Festival, South Korea, 2009

Film Stills:


Director’s Notes:

My most ambitious short film production to date. Respirator actually originated from one of those ideas that I kept away for years because I felt it wasn’t good then when I first conceived it. However at some point in life, you take another look at these ideas again and start to see a totally different light in them.

Respirator is about ethics or rather the lack of it. Good will is hard to cultivate these days and people can get exploited easily because of it. Just like how charity organizations in our country have profit from the contributions of others. This short film is dedicated to those who have given and to those who only want to profit. It is also a reminder that every life has a price.


2 Responses to “RESPIRATOR 铁 心”

  1. i will watch everything u publish from now on.. 🙂 rdgs, yr big fan..

  2. Hi michael, I was one of the actors present at your film screening at old school cinema and I was greatly impacted/impressed by your film. Respirator resonated with your audiences on so many levels, I feel a need to congratulate you on a very successful short film, definitely the best of the bunch. I am a freelance actor and I would really hope to work with you someday… keep up the good work!

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