Duration: Approx. 6mins

Language: English

Starring: Cheng Yu Chao, Denise Chung and Wayne Wong

Written and Directed by: Michael Tay

Date of Release: Mid 2006


A room with a corpse, a blinded cop and a poor vision girl who is handcuffed to a post. A situation involving a blind leading the blind will soon prove to the characters that losing their sight is the least of their problems. Dealing with stupidity however, can prove to be futile.


FOCAL, NTU Short Film Festival, Singapore, 2007 – Selected For Screening

Film Stills:

Director’s Notes:

This piece works more like a device. A simple set up that needs to remain constantly engaging and at certain moments surprising. I was inspired from movies like “Panic Room” and “12 Angry Men”  where the set up of events is strictly grounded in one location and you have to work within those confines. These are the challenges I love to explore.

This is probably my most funny piece to date with loads of slap stick humor and totally off-beat characters. Very great thanks to performances from Yu Chao and Denise. Once a while you really have to work on a piece that doesn’t take itself too seriously. There are times when you only need to just entertain.


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